Move the way you are meant to

We provide better health outcomes so you can live your life without the fear of pain, the loss of flexibility and mobility, declined quality of life or fear of surgery.

Switch Clinics Located in Sydney

Switch has clinics located in Penshurst, Concord, Maroubra and Lane Cove – we have physiotherapists, podiatrists exercise physiology therapists and remedial massage therapists who specialise in treating a wide range of pain related problems like neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain or foot pain. Our health professionals can also help with the recovery process from different injuries that include musculoskeletal, work-related, sports-related, and post-surgical conditions.

Our mission is to provide exceptional health care that goes beyond standard symptom relief by focusing on identifying and addressing the root cause of your pain or injury so you can achieve lasting, pain free, movement using our personalised treatment plans, a deep understanding of biomechanics and hands-on treatment. 

We empower you to reclaim your mobility, strength and function so you can fully embrace any activity you choose to do with confidence either in your daily life, sport or workplace.

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