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We help you become more active, stay fit and mobile and ensure that you don’t need to rely on any pain medication or constant visits to the doctor. At Switch we pride ourselves on helping people with getting back to doing the things they love. Our aim is to help you with any pain that you are experiencing and ensure that when you have finished your treatment plan with us you have the confidence to move and do the things you love without ever worrying if the pain will return.

Physio providing treatment for back pain from a gym injury
Physio providing treatment for shoulder pain from a gym injury


In 2015, James and Alex took over what was then called “GoHealth Online” in Penshurst with the aim to provide a different and more advanced approach to healthcare with the focus on the Individual and the things that are important to them.


From the start, the vision was to challenge the way in which the physio industry was and create a superior service that was recognised for the individual care, the focus on movement and having the vision to bring this all together. With that came the change in name and in 2016 SWITCH was created. 

Switch Lane Cove Physiotherapy Clinic scaled


SWITCH encompasses all that James had envisioned. With a strong and clear path to challenging the physio industry each and every decision, change, feedback and improvement is aimed at providing the client with the most remarkable treatment and experience so that they have faith in Physios and our team that we can help!


Our goal is to treat over 10,000 clients per clinic every year with a team that loves and believes in what they do. We aspire to establish a new benchmark for working health practitioners in Australia and want to leave a long lasting impression on the industry. 

We want to generate an impact beyond the treatment room that involves our clients, team, students, industry professionals and corporate partners to leave a legacy that demonstrates a focus on people, a passion for care, providing education & giving back to the community through charity or community work.