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Experienced local excercise physiology

We go beyond generic workout routines; our exercise physiologists design personalised exercise programs that consider a person’s physical abilities, medical history, and lifestyle. Whether it’s managing chronic health conditions, enhancing athletic performance, or simply improving overall fitness, we create programs that are safe, effective, and enjoyable.

What truly makes our exercise physiology services exceptional is our genuine passion for empowering individuals to take charge of their health and well-being. We focus on educating our clients about the importance of exercise and how it can positively impact their lives. By fostering a supportive and motivating environment, we inspire our clients to stay committed to their fitness journey and celebrate their progress along the way.

At the heart of our podiatry services is a genuine passion for helping our patients regain their mobility, find relief from discomfort, and enhance their overall quality of life. We strive to create a welcoming and supportive environment, where patients feel comfortable discussing their foot health and feel empowered to actively participate in their treatment journey.

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With our evidence based approach to health care means we don’t make any assumptions or take things for granted. We spend the time needed to listen and fully understand your health concerns so that we have a deep understanding of what you would like to achieve or get back to doing.


We create an individualised treatment plan that goes through our 3 key steps to success: Explore,Preparation and Return.


We can ensure great results for our clients when we apply our hands on manual therapy techniques and unique movement patterns which gives you a step by step treatment to prevent the pain from returning


We will avoid situations where we are asked for a quick fix, we ensure we go through the cause of the problem, correct it and provide you the right education to prevent it from coming back. This takes time and we have a process that we have developed over many years.


We don’t shy away from the fact that effective physiotherapy treatment takes time and requires a plan of sessions to do it. Other clinics may shy away from the multiple sessions and provide short term pain relief, only for it to return. We provide transparency from day one, there are no shortcuts and to effectively treat most pain issues will require long term solutions.


I recently finished up my physio at Switch Penshurst.

I found it to be a really positive experience, with a nice relaxed vibe, and a friendly, professional team. I needed some help with a few different issues and liked the approach of working through a plan towards a goal for each of the issues.

I had complete confidence and trust in my therapist, Tim, and would definitely go back if I injured something else. But let’s hope I don’t.

Leanne Hodgkiss
Physiotherapy in Penshurst

Switch have helped me overcome injury and partake in events that may not have been possible without their attention. Endurance training has often left me with aches and pains that are resolved with the help from the professional team at Switch. I highly recommend them.

Lorah Chetcuti
Physiotherapy at Concord

After suffering the worst injury I’ve had to date, that affected my active life severely I thought I would never play basketball or to the gym again. That’s until i met Matt at Switch Physio Concord. Not only did he help me get back onto my feet in a week. After 3 months post a minor achilles tear in my left ankle, i am running, training and feeling 100%. He has given me the confidence to myself and my abilities. Thank you Matt!

Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Frequently asked questions about excercise physiology

Exercise physiology is a specialised health profession that focuses on designing personalised exercise programs to manage and improve various health conditions. Our exercise physiologists are experts in tailoring exercises to address individual needs, whether you are managing chronic conditions, recovering from injuries, seeking to improve athletic performance, or simply aiming to enhance overall fitness. Exercise physiology can play a crucial role in boosting cardiovascular health, increasing strength and flexibility, managing weight, and promoting a healthier lifestyle.

While both exercise physiology and personal training involve designing exercise programs, they have different objectives and approaches. Exercise physiology focuses on applying scientific knowledge and evidence-based practices to manage and prevent chronic health conditions, whereas personal training primarily aims to enhance physical fitness and athletic performance. Our exercise physiologists are qualified to work with clients of all backgrounds and health conditions, ensuring that each exercise program is safe, effective, and tailored to individual needs.

The number of exercise physiology sessions required depends on your specific health goals and current fitness level. Our exercise physiologists will conduct a thorough assessment and work closely with you to develop a personalised exercise plan that aligns with your objectives. Regular attendance and commitment to the exercise program will optimise the results. Our focus is not just on short-term gains, but on empowering you to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in the long run.

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