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Experienced local remedial massage services

Whether our clients seek relief from stress, injury recovery, or enhanced overall well-being, our remedial massage services are designed to deliver meaningful and long-lasting results. With our focus on personalised care, skilled techniques, and genuine compassion, we set ourselves apart as the go-to choice for exceptional remedial massage services.

Our massage therapists use evidence-based practices to alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain, and improve circulation effectively. This personalised approach allows us to tailor each massage session to address the unique requirements of every individual, ensuring maximum benefits and relief.

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With our evidence based approach to health care means we don’t make any assumptions or take things for granted. We spend the time needed to listen and fully understand your health concerns so that we have a deep understanding of what you would like to achieve or get back to doing.


We create an individualised treatment plan that goes through our 3 key steps to success: Explore,Preparation and Return.


We can ensure great results for our clients when we apply our hands on manual therapy techniques and unique movement patterns which gives you a step by step treatment to prevent the pain from returning


We will avoid situations where we are asked for a quick fix, we ensure we go through the cause of the problem, correct it and provide you the right education to prevent it from coming back. This takes time and we have a process that we have developed over many years.


We don’t shy away from the fact that effective physiotherapy treatment takes time and requires a plan of sessions to do it. Other clinics may shy away from the multiple sessions and provide short term pain relief, only for it to return. We provide transparency from day one, there are no shortcuts and to effectively treat most pain issues will require long term solutions.


I recently finished up my physio at Switch Penshurst.

I found it to be a really positive experience, with a nice relaxed vibe, and a friendly, professional team. I needed some help with a few different issues and liked the approach of working through a plan towards a goal for each of the issues.

I had complete confidence and trust in my therapist, Tim, and would definitely go back if I injured something else. But let’s hope I don’t.

Leanne Hodgkiss
Physiotherapy in Penshurst

Switch have helped me overcome injury and partake in events that may not have been possible without their attention. Endurance training has often left me with aches and pains that are resolved with the help from the professional team at Switch. I highly recommend them.

Lorah Chetcuti
Physiotherapy at Concord

After suffering the worst injury I’ve had to date, that affected my active life severely I thought I would never play basketball or to the gym again. That’s until i met Matt at Switch Physio Concord. Not only did he help me get back onto my feet in a week. After 3 months post a minor achilles tear in my left ankle, i am running, training and feeling 100%. He has given me the confidence to myself and my abilities. Thank you Matt!

Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Frequently asked questions about remedial massage

The number of remedial massage sessions required depends on the severity and complexity of your condition. Some individuals may experience significant improvement after just one session, while others with more chronic or complex issues may benefit from a series of sessions to achieve lasting results. Our remedial massage therapists will regularly assess your progress and work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan to optimise the benefits of each session

Remedial massage is beneficial for a wide range of conditions, including neck and back pain, headaches, sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries, postural imbalances, and general muscle stiffness. It can also be effective in managing chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Our experienced remedial massage therapists will assess your specific concerns and tailor the treatment to address your unique needs, promoting healing and relieving discomfort.

Remedial massage is a therapeutic form of massage that focuses on treating specific soft tissue issues and addressing musculoskeletal imbalances. Unlike relaxation massage, which aims to promote general relaxation, remedial massage targets problem areas to alleviate pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve overall function. Our skilled remedial massage therapists use a combination of techniques to release tight muscles, restore mobility, and enhance circulation, providing targeted relief for various conditions.

Generally in a remedial massage, first step is we sit down with the client and build an understanding of what is happening in their lives and best workout how we can treat their needs.

We go through and check posture, check their Range of movement and the quality of that movement and we will check there is any pain.

We then go on with treatment in which we start with soft tissue release which promotes accelerated blood flow which helps with recovery.

We don’t realise how tight and stiff we can be even if you don’t feel pain, pain should never be the indication to get a massage and it will take a couple days after that initial massage to feel the benefits which include managing your stress, mentally alert, focus, sleep and a general wellbeing.

Not entirely, remedial massage is not designed to be painful. Depending on a persons pain threshold and also the awareness of the therapist to know whether they are causing any pain to their client. Some areas will be painful but when you regularly get massages the pain is not present.
Depending on your condition, if there are major issues or corrections weekly for a month is critical as you want to make the most of the work, and then once into a maintenance program fortnightly to monthly depending on your profession and what level of care you need.
Drinking any alcohol, coffee, eating fatty foods, any extreme contact or exercise for 24hr, an extremely hot shower and supressing any emotions after a massage as it is normal to experience emotional awakenings.
Generally yes, majority of the massage therapist will use oil or an oil-based product as it helps with moving soft tissue easier.
Remedial massages are therapeutic and at times be relaxing but depending on the patient and their presenting condition.
Swedish massage is the softer style of massage with not so much deep work or pressure performed.
There are no real painful massage styles, the most pain you will feel is not coming for a massage and not preventing any prior issues.

Well a happy ending can mean many different things when it comes to remedial massage in Sydney.

At Switch clinics in Sydney people are always given a happy ending without needing to pay the therapist any extra money or feeling guilty.

Instead, every person that gets a remedial massage therapy treatment from our team feel better about themselves.

You can shower before a massage there is nothing wrong with it as it will help start the process of promoting good blood flow, again you don’t want to have an extremely hot shower. But remember you will have oil on you during the massage which is washable and won’t leave any marks on your clothes so you will benefit more after the massage.
“Hitting” is the wrong term used, actions that are performed of a hitting nature are called tapotement which help therapeutically. Tapotements will stimulate nerve endings which bring on tiny muscular contractions which promotes an increase in overall muscle tone. It also helps with loosening any mucous around the lungs and helps with people suffering cystic fibrosis.
No, you can have an equally effective massage with your clothes on if you are not comfortable with undressing.
An extremely hot shower is bad after a massage, though a warm shower mixed in with a cold-water blast will only help with recovery of muscles. Be mindful if you are experiencing any dizziness after a massage which is expected because of new blood stimulation and the decrease of blood pressure to eat before a shower to bring your body back up.
Eat a large meal, time the massage so you aren’t rushing before or after and avoid having big plans after the massage and you most definitely should not, not tell your therapist if you have any health implications or on certain medications.
You will generally feel sore and weird after a massage, it is expected but you should never feel bad in the sense of what you have done is the wrong thing. Keeping your fluids up is extremely important after the massage and next day symptoms of soreness and tenderness will be expected.
Ideally you would want to wait at least 2-4hrs after a massage before you think of consuming any alcohol, though after doing the good work of taking yourself to get the massage not drinking for 24hrs will definitely not kill you and your body will only thank you for the detox.
A glass of wine a few hours after the massage is “okay” but keep it at a glass I would most definitely not advice anything more than a glass of wine.
Dizziness is normal after a massage as blood pressure drops, but also along with blood pressure there are other factors that come into play. Dehydration, Anemia, Emotional stress or anxiety, Heart problems, Prescription medications, eating disorders and toxic shock syndrome.
There are no limits or expectations of how often you should get a massage. Though for a higher standard of well-being a massage monthly will have you on that level.
There have been cases of people having strokes from massages, though the likelihood is extremely rare. All prior medical history should be informed to the therapist before treatment as they will best advise and adjust treatment.
Runny nose can be brought on after a massage which isn’t uncommon as the massage helps remove toxins from the body and it is being pushed out through the lymphatic system.

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