The Switch Maroubra Physiotherapy team went to the 6X Fitness Gym Half Marathon to help with warm ups and assessments.

Poor warm up can lead to sports inuries

The Switch Physio team loves doing events with local businesses where we have an opportunity to provide education about sports injury prevention. Australians are so active and our lifestyle means we can try doing so many different sports all year round. This is the main cause of body injuries though and includes anything from shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles or hip pain from poor movement patterns or accidents.

Switch Physio & the 6X Half Marathon

6X was established in 2009 and their team specialises in fat loss nutrition and fitness programming. They are located in Maroubra, just up the road from Switch Physiotherapy Maroubra and they offer a wide range of services from exercise physiology, personal training, Max8 group training, massage and more.What we love is their attitude and passion for enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Their boutique gym is different to some of the larger places and visitors get a spacious environment with state-of-the-art equipment.


They invited us to their Half Marathon event which enabled their clients to participate in a non-competitive marathon and test their fitness levels. They invited Switch Maroubra to attend the event to provide warm up treatments, assessments & warm up exercises for the members completing the marathon. Making sure your body is ready to take on exercise of any kind is really important, getting your muscles warm and ready can help avoid sports injuries & improves with your recovery after the activity as well.

Both 6X and Switch Maroubra love giving back to the community so we really enjoyed providing our advice and helping people learn about how they can reduce the chances of getting an injury while they play various sports. It was a great way for our team to build some local relationships and creates open lines of communication for participants to receive treatment support after the event as well.

Our team provided some on-site hands on therapy treatment for a few participants who were feeling a little sore on the day, although judging by the smiles, everyone had a great day.



An experienced physiotherapist located in Sydney and the General Manager of the Switch Health Group in Sydney.