Headaches is one of the most common health complaints we treat. Here are our tips on how to reduce headaches while at work.

How do you reduce the frequency of headaches at work?

Diagram of how poor seating posture can cause neck and shoulder pain that a Physio needs to treat a male

Posture! Posture! Posture! 


That is the hot word at the proverbial water cooler at work. We are treating record numbers of clients who are saying they have headaches and pains that they are getting while at work.



There are so many postural related issues that can be caused by our seating habits while at work. Our external environment can often contribute to the development of a myriad of issues including muscle tightness, tension and joint stiffness in the neck or shoulder area. It’s made much worse these days with prolonged use of a computer or laptop at a desk and of course mobile phone usage. Over time this can lead to the development of tension related headaches.



Many people overlook things like daily exercise routines but here are some other tips to combat tension-related headaches; 


  • Lighting; make sure your computer screen is not too bright. Overly bright screen or glare can lead to headaches. Low or dim light leads can cause you to strain your eyes and thus lead to fatigue as your eyes try to adjust.
  • Look away from the screen; the National Headache Institute suggests looking away from your screen every 15 minutes to reduce eye strain.
  • Movement; get ACTIVE, this can be your excuse to grab a herbal tea or coffee, perform stretches at your desk every hour or so. Perform one or two exercises for 2-3 minutes. Make small adjustments to your working day such as increasing your walking or taking the stairs.
  • Eat; Healthy and regular eating also helps reduce stress levels on your body. Don’t start your day without some food. Coffee is not enough.
  • Get some sleep; get a consistent amount of sleep every night. Erratic sleeping can affect energy and performance levels at work and lead to fatigue related issues.

The Switch physiotherapist team is trained to diagnose and assess neck pain that could be causing headaches. The aim of treatment is to not only provide pain relief but also provide you with the right strategies to help alleviate your headaches from repeating.




An experienced physiotherapist located in Sydney and the General Manager of the Switch Health Group in Sydney.