Maddy shares her experience from visiting Switch Physiotherapy to treat her high ankle sprain that was preventing her from playing sport.

We treat high ankle sprains from sports injuries

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries that we help to treat in our physio clinics in Sydney. Australians just love playing sport and getting outdoors and this increases the chance of injury of course. Sometimes this can be from something simple like turning or changing direction quickly, a sprained ankle could also be from a collision, even professional sports people experience this type of injury.
Maddy was treated by James Newbury & Brigette Constantin for her high ankle sprain that was stopping her from playing AFL. In the video above Maddy talks about her experiences at Switch and how James & Brigette have helped her rehabilitate her ankle to get back on the field and playing again.


An experienced physiotherapist located in Sydney and the General Manager of the Switch Health Group in Sydney.