The reasons to choose Switch for your physiotherapy or podiatry needs

Our simple 3 step approach


We start our journey together by listening to you. It is important that we find out as much as we can about you, your body and what it is that is significant to you. We observe your movement and how the pain you are experiencing is impacting your whole body.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. We take this literally and from the start, our aim is to detail our process of treatment to help prepare your body to move freely and get the results you want. With our focus on manual therapy and movement patterns we will prepare your body with a solid foundation.


What is important to you is important to us! So depending on whether your focus is to eliminate pain forever, get back to a particular exercise or sport, our treatment plan will be fixated around helping you achieve what is important to you.

Our point of difference

Unique body movement patterns

At Switch we provide a personalised physiotherapy service using a methodology that combines hands on treatment together with our unique body movement patterns. These have been developed and refined using many years of experience treating people to help reduce pain levels and prevent the chance of it returning.

A team with 68 years experience

The team at Switch have over 68 years combined experience providing physiotherapy and podiatry services, treating clients for all types of body pain issues since 2015

An evidence-based treatment approach

The team at Switch have over 68 years combined experience providing physiotherapy and podiatry services, treating clients for all types of body pain issues since 2015

Amazing physiotherapist reviews

The Switch team has received lots of great physiotherapist reviews in Sydney from new and regular Clients who have received treatment from our team.


Modern, clean, clinic facilities

Each one of our physiotherapy clinics are clean, modern and fresh environments that makes every visit enjoyable and comfortable. We believe in making sure our working environment is a happy place for our own staff as well as our Clients.

Community responsibility

We believe in being an active part of our local communities and helping to enrich people’s lives beyond just providing a local physiotherapy service. It is why our team’s get involved in things like our very own bottle swap for local underprivileged children to purchase sporting equipment for them. We are proud of the values we try and foster within our team.

Some of our programs


We love helping students who are studying to become a physiotherapist or podiatrist and actively donate our time providing advice or guidance.



We treat a lot of clients for gym injuries, so to some people it would seem silly that we help educate people on preventative techniques. Although from our perspective we know that healthy people are happy people.


physiotherapy and podiatry education sessoins

Our team spends time with local retirement homes, schools and businesses to talk about things like correct desk posture, how to manage joint pain and various other topics to help people in our local communities.


boobs on the run physio team

When the team isn’t working we are actively participating in various exercise activities and keeping active.