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Great physio reviews

Here is a sample of the physio reviews we have received from our amazing Clients. Although don’t take our word for it, you can see the originals on our social media profiles as well so that you know they are genuine.

I recently finished up my physio at Switch Penshurst.

I found it to be a really positive experience, with a nice relaxed vibe, and a friendly, professional team. I needed some help with a few different issues and liked the approach of working through a plan towards a goal for each of the issues.

I had complete confidence and trust in my therapist, Tim, and would definitely go back if I injured something else. But let’s hope I don’t.

Leanne Hodgkiss
Physiotherapy in Penshurst

After suffering the worst injury I’ve had to date, that affected my active life severely I thought I would never play basketball or to the gym again. That’s until i met Matt at Switch Physio Concord. Not only did he help me get back onto my feet in a week. After 3 months post a minor achilles tear in my left ankle, i am running, training and feeling 100%. He has given me the confidence to myself and my abilities. Thank you Matt!

Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Alex and the team are a professional bunch and give great treatment! Have been going there for a while now and will continue to return!

Ivana Nakhle
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Harrison Brown is a very educated, caring physiotherapist who I highly recommend. He really knows his stuff and has helped me with my back issues that have been lingering for some time. I have been given exercises to do and they have really helped too

Marissa Ely
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

I’ve been getting treatment from this clinic for 2 months and I’ve seen more results than I have in my previous 4 years from other physiotherapy clinics. I get my chronic back and shoulder injuries treated and I’m so glad to finally see results thanks to Alex, the physio. This clinic provides intensive manual therapy along with personalised rehab and strengthening exercises designed to get you moving pain free quickly. Highly recommend this to anyone who has been wanting a physio that cares!

Pranav Sawhney
Physiotherapy at Concord

Switch have helped me overcome injury and partake in events that may not have been possible without their attention. Endurance training has often left me with aches and pains that are resolved with the help from the professional team at Switch. I highly recommend them.

Lorah Chetcuti
Physiotherapy at Concord

I had been seeing Matt in the lead up to my power lifting competition last year. Before his treatment i had constant issues in my knees, shoulders and elbows for the better part of 18 months.

Since his treatment i have been pain free for almost 6 months and my Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift have felt the smoothest they have ever felt thanks to the many queues he had given me to implement in my training. The strength gains have not stopped since seeing him. Thanks a bunch!

Angus Widmer
Physiotherapy at Concord

Amazing experience having been treated here by Matt, who really knows what he is doing, and provides comfort with this knowledge to make the journey to recovery much easier!!

Having gone through immense pain in both my back as well as hip flexor due to sports, he has helped me recover much quicker than I anticipated with limited risk-taking. His techniques have also helped me at the gym where I feel more confident now. Highly recommended!!

Dillon Khan
Physiotherapy at Concord

Switch are so so professional – as soon as you come in to see them they quickly assess your situation, tell you what needs to be rectified & then put you on a program for successful recovery. My daughter responded to the session the first consultation & actually enjoys going to her sessions. I can’t praise her current physio, who was recommended to us by a friend – & now I can see why.

Clem Ley
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Alex and the team are very professional And know certainly know their stuff Thank you to all whom have worked with me to get me back up and running post operations. Highly recommend the team

Edo Rustein
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

They are friendly and good at their job

Jennifer Lants
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Instant relief, so looking forward to the rest of my treatment plan

Suzanne Ravenscroft
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

I had a great experience at Pro Therapy. Harry and the team is very professional and helpful. They helped me with my should injury and I am satisfied with the service I received. Highly recommended!

Daniele Bignami
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

I can’t recommend these guys enough. Not only are they great physiotherapists who have helped me physically, but they have personalities to match. A very welcoming and experienced team, who make you feel part of the Switch ProTherapy family.

Shami Lewis
Physiotherapy & Podiatry at Maroubra

I had a shoulder injury and was very impressed with the way Nicole did her analysis on my injury, provide some immediate relief to my pains, and put together a 10 week action plan to ensure my problem will be addressed.

I am very happy with how Nicole conducted the diagnosis in a very professional manner and clearly communicated what is involved, root causes, purpose, and the next steps.

Real HK Protest HK
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Service is very good! Especially Alex

Kingsford Dental
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Highly recommend – fantastic physios who really care about their clients and go above and beyond. Highly professional and helped me with my injuries so much.

Vanessa Correia
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Fantastic team at Pro Therapy, friendly, professional, very caring about your health & they get results.

Julia Campbell
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Been going to Pro-Therapy for years. Very helpful and professional staff that knows their stuff. Had an ACL injury last year and I am finally back to my sport. I would highly recommend this clinic and its physios. Thank you guys!

Jason Yoo
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Outstanding. Best Physio I’ve ever been to. These guys are very hands on and professional. Results were excellent. If you can get to Maroubra then GO.

Johnny Kairouz
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Alex is fantastic, highly recommend

Rachael Overmeyer
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

I’ve been going on and off for over a year, with neck and elbow problems that have been recurring for years, if not decades. Treatment and exercise recommendations have worked well for me, enabling me to return to the sports I love.

Ian Ross
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

The personal service i get is fantastic

Collin Raftos
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Very professional care

Mike Kelly
Physiotherapy at Maroubra

Friendly caring staff. James is wonderful and had been helping ease my headaches. He is genuinely dedicated to improving the wellbeing of his clients. My experience at Switch has been very positive.

Arelda Cady
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Following my stroke, my experience at Switch has been terrific The receptionists are extremely helpful, friendly and welcoming I was assigned to James Newbury. As an ex-nurse I have been very impressed with James – his knowledge and expertise got me into a good exercise routine

Terry Binding
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Very happy with my experience with Switch Physio. All the staff are extremely friendly and Ben and James are very knowledgeable. I have benefitted from my treatment so far and look forward to continued improvement.

Ross Gardener
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

James N, Nikki, Diane and all the staff are wonderful very professional and helpful

Margaret McLennan
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

I have been going to Switch Physio for treatment of my back pain following back surgery. Thanks to the legends, James Newbury and Ben, who helped me get out of pain! The whole team is so welcoming and like a family!!

Denise Kara
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Excellent service and incredibly friendly staff, very knowledgeable for many different kinds of people with all different levels of physical activity.

Alexander Geroges
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Having back treatment by James at Penshurst the last couple of weeks is definitely helping to ease the pain and movement is also so much better.! Thanks James!

Carol Hood
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Switch physio are amazing. Friendly and knowledgeable . They will assist you in returning to top shape.

Peter Carter
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

I had been on switch for around 4 months , I’m very happy with the whole process,thanks to all the team special thanks to James ,he is a lovely person, merry christmas guys.

Angelica Fuentes
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

Excellent physio!

Kim Suzzane Smith
Physiotherapy at Penshurst

My 13 year old son who plays soccer and AFL has been treated by Matt for the past 8 weeks. He has helped him with many sports injuries, some pre-existing and some new with massage and exercises. He ensures my son understands what he is doing and why. Would definitely recommend Matt to others (and have done so).

Lisa Lia
Physiotherapy at Concord

Highly recommend! I came in with a thrown out back and it was fixed quickly. Matt was extremely professional and tailored the sessions on my lifestyle. He taught me the proper way to do exercises and gave me new exercises and stretches which would help with any future discomfort 🙂

Mei Lo
Physiotherapy at Concord

The most amazing group of professionals there is! Alex and James have been treating me for over a year and are extremely knowledgeable and super friendly! No matter your age or injury these guys know how to get you feeling 110%

Rick Pignetti
Physiotherapy at Concord

I’ve been getting treatment for the last six weeks with Matt to recover from an adductor strain. The plan was very clear on how I’d be pain-free again but most importantly, to avoid recurrence. Matt’s been working on my back and ankles, and I have felt a lot of difference in my body mobility and general well-being, the injury is long gone, and I was able to get back this week to CrossFit workouts in full.

Paco Ortiz
Physiotherapy at Concord

I’ve been seeing Matt for several issues, on a regular basis, because I play cricket all year round. Matt asks relevant questions, then testing mobility/range, then always finds a result, before walking out the door. He listens to what I want to achieve and gives the realistic answers, therefore I’m so confident that I’m in good hands. It’s not just about the physical recovery, but also the mental recovery and is just as important.

Vic Barber
Physiotherapy at Concord

Been treated by Matt. I have been suffering years of back and neck pain. Few weeks in and I have been feeling better n better no problems at all. The strength exercises he has given me have benefited myself.. I feel amazing! Highly recommend

Dom Oppedisano
Physiotherapy at Concord

Matt has been treating plantar fasciitis for me for the last few months. I’ve now been able to run up to 24km without pain. I highly recommend Matt!

Alison Shaw
Physiotherapy at Concord

Great clinic with outstanding recovery outcomes. I highly recommend Matt he’s been great since day 1

Ahmed Fidouh
Physiotherapy at Concord

Amazing place, Go see Matt, this guy is a genius. Back pain, knee pain, neck pain, he fixed everything. Highly recommended

Samuel Samuel
Physiotherapy at Concord

Highly recommended Matt from Switch! In only a couple of sessions, he fixed my back that I was struggling with for a few weeks and the enormous pain would not go away with anything I did It was brilliant to be able to be pain free and go back to the gym like normal

Taylah Sargent
Physiotherapy at Concord